This man is a national treasure
Nelson Mandela- former South African President
After Michael Jackson, I’m only the second most enthusiastic person in the room
Tom Peters-
On behalf of the members and their wives who were able to attend the Annual Meeting of the Council may I sincerely thank you for the truly excellent and inspirational presentations you delivered at this function. You rocked all of us back on our heels and got us thinking, and rightly so, of how we can improve our image and marketing strategy in this modern world
Mark Leese- Secretariat; General Stevedoring Council
Michael made the effort to understand our industry and when he spoke he made everyone in the audience feel like he was speaking to them directly. Anyone in business in this millennium should add listening to Michael to the bucket list
Wayne Stewart- Chair SANA
Captivating. I was delighted with how Michael weaved in our strategic messages. This presentation was a success from the CEO and senior managers to youngest of our managers. Out of all the speakers we’ve arranged for the ABB management briefings over the past eight years, this is the most favourable response we’ve ever had
Chesney Bradshaw- ABB
On behalf of ACTE’s Board of Directors and the ACTE Washington D.C. Global Education Conference Planning Committee, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your participation as conference moderator

As a seasoned ACTE conference participant you out-shined yourself! We received nothing but rave reviews for your “brilliant” ability to engage the audience and create a lively atmosphere that set the tone for the entire conference. One attendee commented, “Michael Jackson was fantastic! He takes your conference to a whole new level in his professional moderator style.

Susan Gurley- Former Chair ACTE (USA)
Michael is a consummate professional. I love working with him time and time again.
Sonelia du Preez- Marketing Communications Manager, EMC