Do you really need a professional speaker at your next event?

In the chaos and stress that comes with the territory of planning a successful conference, the value of having a solid, top-drawer professional speaker can be an easy thing to overlook. But in between the decisions as to the venues, catering and the fulfilment of delivering your company message to the delegates, keep a special place at the top of the list to hire an excellent keynote speaker to fully tie your event together.

Benefits of an experienced keynote speaker

A great keynoter wants your event to be a success just as much as you do, and will work closely with you to refine all the important details that need to be woven into and covered in their keynote speech.

Having a keynote professional speaker will ensure that your audience is fully engaged and entertained and will help your guests to get the most out of the conference by relating your overall purpose and message to everyone in the room.

An experienced keynote speaker will quickly grasp the essence of what you want to achieve and will present their story and information in a unique, fun filled and very personalised manner, ensuring that the information is properly absorbed and totally memorable for the audience.

Here are a few important tips on choosing the best professional speaker for you:

  •  What tone, image and style do you want to set? A good speaker will adapt materials to work with you. It’s all about your event, not their ego
  •  A great speaker will demand a full brief well in advance of the event itself. Put them in with the senior management in order for them to understand the essence of the conference. There is no additional briefing charge normally, as this is part of the contractual obligations.
  •  Ask and check how familiar the speaker will be with your day to day business.
  •  A good speaker will always want to speak your language; so ensure they are familiar and comfortable with your jargon
  •  It is important to note that when it comes to booking a professional speakeryou would usually get what you pay for. Remember that you might be planning on spending more on the tea break muffins, whereas a great speaker will provide a lot more than a sugar high!
  •  Expect to pay for the speaker’s accommodation and travel above and beyond the fee. A great speaker will offer you a rate for the day’s event, rather than arrive, deliver and leave. Insist on that
  •  Past work. Ask for a list of client references and check them.
  •  A great speaker will normally have a website which offers you video, testimonials and these should always be recent
  •  Negotiate with the speaker’s bureau. All good speakers have representations who are not emotionally involved in fee setting and contract terms.

After presenting at over 2 500 conferences to date, Michael Jackson offers a wide range of topics and custom-designed packages to help you make and get the most of your next conference. By presenting insightful, inspirational and factual speeches peppered with humour and fun, Michael fully engages your audience and ensures your conference imprints a mark on the memory of every guest present.