As a keynote global speaker I’ve spent over 15 years developing my own unique materials for my presentations. It’s vitally important that you develop and present your own ‘stuff’ in the same way. Recently I’ve been generating a lot of LinkedIn articles on my business subjects and they’ve been very well received. I’ve also been reading a lot of other people’s posts and here’s what just hit me like a sledgehammer…

Thought leadership can never come from imitating others

I’m amazed at how much stuff gets rehashed and dribbled out to the market, particularly on LinkedIn, by people who consider themselves to be thought leaders or brand builders.

Whenever I write stuff; I simply sit down and create it. The last thing in the world I’d ever do would be Google search my topic, find a piece, rehash it and give you my spin on it.

Lazy people imitate. Successful people generate; it’s as simple as that.

It’s all too easy in our ‘always on, always connected’ world to borrow from elsewhere; but what does that really say about you? The current conventional wisdom pertaining to this says ‘if you borrow one person’s work it’s plagiarism but if you borrow everyone’s’ stuff it’s market research’, and whilst a little humorous; it actually sticks in my craw as its all too common.

Should you look to read any of my (other) articles posted on my site; know this – they are 100% genuine in respect to content. Which is what makes them, I trust, worth reading in the first place.

Your own personal brand, whether on social media or in the real world, can only be built from an authentic space.

I firmly believe that for people to trust you and your business, they must feel integrity from the get-go. If they view you as merely an aggregator of other people’s sweat and toil you are coming from a hollow space.

In the conferencing world it’s anathema for any professional speaker to imitate or copy a colleague in the same field; and I believe this unwritten ground rule should also apply to all the space we occupy anywhere in the professional world.

You want to be trusted? Create the material for yourself if you’re at all interested in earning the kudos.

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