In Conference with Michael Jackson

As a global conference speaker on Change, host Michael Jackson has already spoken at nearly 3000 conferences around the world to critical acclaim.
This show is where you get to meet the people he meets on and off-stage. Business leaders, gurus, icons, entrepreneurs and thought and opinion shapers.
Each 15 minute episode provides insight into what makes these people tick; and uncovers ideas and thoughts that you can apply to your life and career.
A natural story teller; Jackson engages naturally with his guests and it’s compulsive listening.

21 March 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Dorianne Weil
Dorianne Weil is a well-known psychologist who has done numerous interventions, workshops and conferences. She speaks about acceptance and belonging in humans.

14 March 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Andy Preston
Andy Preston was a professional buyer who changed to a professional seller. Andy has a top performing sales career where he rose from being a newbie who was hopeless at selling, to the top salesperson in the country.

7 March 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – David Hilton-Barber
David Hilton-Barber has worked as a journalist, public relations consultant, and is the author of many books. He is also an Associate Member of the Professional Editors Guild.

28 February 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Franco D’Onofrio
Founding partner of a boutique PR agency, Franco D’Onofrio has a passion for the marketing industry. His company specialises in media brands and helps clients unpack their brands to their clients. An info and news junkie, Franco also has a passion for food and cooking.

21 February 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Brand Pretorius
Brand Pretorius is a successful man who has received numerous national marketing, motor industry and leadership awards – including Marketing Person of the Year, Automobil Man of the Year and Boss of the Year. He has also published a book titled, ‘In the Driving Seat – Lessons in Leadership’.

14 February 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Melissa Hogarth
In her mid forties, Melissa Hogarth made the challenging decision to start a new career in a field that is as arty as it is technical. A passionate photographer and keen videographer, she has taken her PR/marketing experience and applied it to her photography sessions.

7 February 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Cyrus Rogers
Cyrus is an MC known as ‘the man with the velvet voice’. He has spent the last 10 years producing television scripting, directing, recording voice overs and more. Cyrus has always had a love for the spoken and written message and knows how to keep his audiences entertained.

31 January 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Bev Hancock
Bev Hancock is a Business Leadership Strategist, facilitator and inspirational speaker. She believes in the power of conversation to transform the way we live and work. Bev’s role is to co-create strategic thinking spaces and the skillset for leaders and their teams to have the conversations that release leadership potential, deepen awareness and drive bottom line growth.

24 January 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi
Dr Rutendo Hwindingwi has an insatiable desire to see the exponential growth of business in Africa, as well as a passion for the development of Africa’s greatest resource – its people. An active Associate Director of Deloitte, he is part of the Technology and Outsourcing team that is a strategic business unit focused on offering technology solutions to companies operating in Africa.

17 January 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Zipho Sikhakhane
Zipho Sikhakhane is an international speaker, business writer and advisor. She has a passion for business and started her own business at the age of five. Zipho received a full scholarship in Cape Town and achieved an MBA from Stanford University

10 January 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Maureen Grobler
Maureen Grobler is an image specialist who speaks about unlocking people’s personal brand and helping them to feel confident. It’s about self-worth, contributing to who you are as a person and how you see yourself. Her passion lies with people and her approach is “less is more” in terms of make-up!

3 January 2017

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Christien Groothof
Christien Groothof is the Project Director of Duke Corporate Education. She speaks about how they specialise in helping leaders to drive their business differently.

20 December 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Rusty Labuschagne
Rusty Labuschagne is a successful businessman, formerly from Zimbabwe. He suffered an unfortunate incident where he was wrongfully convicted of drowning a poacher, and served 10 years in Zimbabwe’s notorious prison. Rusty shares his inspirational story of how he survived his time in prison, eating only one meal a day and having only a glass of water daily to do everything with. Hear how he learnt true forgiveness for the people who wrongfully convicted him.

13 December 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Mark Keating
Mark Keating is the CEO of the Sales Guru. He does in-house training and is also a speaker. Mark believes that to be successful in the sales industry you need to have the right attitude, love what you do, believe in yourself, have the right mindset, and have a passion for sales.

6 December 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Andy Appalsamy
Andy Appalsamy is the Managing Director of an events company and very passionate about her job. Andy speaks about delivering excellent service to clients and how one needs to be passionate, attentive to detail, work with the right people, and have good suppliers.

29 November 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Adriana Marais
Adriana Marais is a potential Mars astronaut. She wants to be one of the first settlers on the planet. Adriana is aware that this a one-way trip to Mars and is quite happy to go ahead. The first settlers on Mars will be trained before leaving Earth so they can set up basic needs there.

22 November 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Kerry Manning Colson
Kerry Manning Colson is a strong, positive woman who broke through an abusive marriage. She has a passion for helping people and says that there 5 things that make a fabulous woman: Networking, Positivity, Motivation, Inspiration, and Creativity.

8 November 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Kobus Wiese
Former Rugby player Kobus Wiese was part of the winning squad of the Rugby World cup in 1995. He is a successful entrepreneur but still sees himself as a regular person who feels very blessed.

18 October 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis speaks about the importance of owning your Identity and the risks of Identity Theft in the digital age. The ability to verify people makes any interaction or transaction more secure, mitigating the risk of fraud.

11 October 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Gary Bailey
Gary Bailey is a former footballer who made nearly 300 appearances in the Football League, playing as a goalkeeper for Manchester United. Born in Ipswich, Suffolk, he grew up in South Africa, but went on to be capped twice for England. He’s now an international speaker, along with his wife Michelle, on ‘Success Under Pressure’.

4 October 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Lala
Michael Jackson speaks to Lala about her new restaurant La Trinita.

27 September 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Michelle McLean-Bailey
Michelle McLean-Bailey is a Namibian actress, writer, model, and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe in 1992. She was 19 years old when she represented Namibia, and became the first woman from the country to win the crown. She’s an international speaker along with her husband Gary Bailey on ‘Success Under Pressure’.

20 September 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Danny K
Danny K is probably one of SA’s most recognised entertainers, with a multitude of awards. He is ready to share his extraordinary story in a brand new talk, revealing his remarkable journey as a young South African boy to the man he is today… embraced and loved by South Africans across the racial and social spectrum.

13 September 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Bongani Bingwa
From kids TV shows to the newsrooms of radio… and now one of the most well-known faces on Carte Blanche – Bongani Bingwa chats to Michael about how his resilience, the desire to follow his dreams, and doing whatever it took made him who he is today.

6 September 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Ryan Hogarth
Ryan Hogarth talks about digital transformation… what it means, how to do it, its challenges and how businesses around the world are succeeding with it. Digital transformation initiatives are now a high priority for business leaders. Changing the culture within organisations while also enhancing the customer experiences are no longer nice to haves, they are at the very heart of the future success of your business.

30 August 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Alan Committie
From Vanderbjil to the stages of South Africa and abroad, performing over 270 times a year – who is the man behind Defending the Caveman? Michael and Alan chat about the secrets to making it in the world of comedy.

23 August 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Rapelang Rabana
Rapelang Rabana’s curious mind has always questioned how the world works… even as a youngster she believed there had to be better, simpler and more effective ways to do things – and there is: technology! As a speaker, she takes this message across the globe and her innovative thinking has contributed to many changes in the way organisations adapt and thrive in the new world of work. Featured on the cover of Forbes Africa magazine before the age of 30 and named ‘Entrepreneur for the World 2014’ by the World Entrepreneurship Forum, Rapelang is an internationally lauded technology entrepreneur.

16 August 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Jonathan Lang
What is the eventing industry all about… communication, strategy, and value – or muffins and drinks? What are the sentiments and real value behind the scenes? Jonathan Lang from O2PRO chats to Michael about how companies could get the most out of their events and leave a lasting impression.

9 August 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Bruce Whitfield
Is there a journalism crisis? What is the future evolution in the world of media? Bruce Whitfield chats to Michael Jackson about his latest transition – find out the latest and hottest news on what Bruce will be doing on stages around the world.

2 August 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Lynn Baker
What is the latest improvement course to assist in making the conferencing scene better? Is there a trade secret? Lynn Baker talks to Michael about authenticity, passion, and professionalism.

26 June 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Gilan Gork
Who is the man behind the mentalism? Is it supernatural? Gilan Gork uses the art of influence to show/prove that the “Average Joe” can attain that dream job or close that major deal. From business to personal life, how do you influence to get the outcome you want? From debunking psychic myths to driving blindfolded, Gilan shares some tastes of what influence can achieve.

19 June 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Joni Peddie
Are you stress rich and time poor? What does it take to be top of your game, and what is the new digital detox? Michael speaks to Behaviouralist Joni Peddie about behaviours and innovative thinking. Joni gives tangible hints and tips on how to find what is lacking in life as we know it today.

7 June 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Eloise Boezak
From corporate head to self-made business owner and entrepreneur, Eloise Boezak chats to Michael about what “going at it on your own” is all about in the areas of branding, marketing and eventing.

31 May 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Justin Cohen
Happiness boosts sales, productivity and performance. The Parnassus Workplace Fund only invests in happy companies and delivers a nearly 7% higher return than average. Based on cutting edge scientific research fresh out of the field of positive psychology, listen to Justin Cohen talking to Michael about how to create more happiness in your life and work.

24 May 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Gerry Skerritt
Gerry Skerritt from Dream Team loves nothing more than a delighted client and spends all his waking hours dreaming up ways of making this a reality. He’s equally at home presenting ideas to a prospective client, or delivering energetic events to big groups.

17 May 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Mike Lysko
Unravelling the Digital Future of Events: Michael chats to Mike Lysko to find out what’s disrupting the conferencing scene right now and into the future, and taking company brands to the next level.

10 May 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Conrad Koch
From a white privileged school and upbringing, to the courtrooms of Cape Town… fighting for inequality and against racial discrimination, who is the man behind Chester Missing? Michael chats to Conrad Koch.

3 May 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Al Prodgers
One of South Africa’s funniest and busiest corporate comedians, Al Prodgers, gives Michael Jackson some insight into his journey “behind the scenes”.

26 April 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Robin Banks
World-leading authority on the subject of mind power and personal mastery, positive thinking guru Robin Banks chats to Michael Jackson about where it all started and what has kept him “ticking” all these years.

19 April 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Shirly Zinn
Hear from a woman who has extensive experience, from being the Deputy Global Head of Human Resources for Standard Bank, to being the HR Director for the Nedbank Group, hear what Shirly Zinn has to say.

12 April 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Andy Rice
Andy Rice is probably South Africa’s best-known branding and advertising expert. As a strategist, he headed up Ogilvy Johannesburg’s account planning department before founding Yellowwood. Andy talks to Michael Jackson about strategy, inventing and re-inventing brands and defining exactly what a brand is.

5 April 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Craig Wing
Craig Wing is a futurist and speaker working at the nexus of leadership, strategy, exponential organisations and corporate culture.

29 March 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — David Avrin
It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you! The Visibility Coach, David Avrin, talks to Michael Jackson about the art of reputation management.

22 March 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Kevan Jones
Currently serving as Executive Director of SACIA – an organisation dedicated to promoting the adoption of ethical business practices and professional standards in the communications industry, Kevan Jones chats with Michael Jackson about his incredible career and journey.

15 March 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson — Kali Ilunga
Known as the “Ideas Matter Guy”, Kali Ilunga shares his journey of a student who simply wanted more, and got it! Michael Jackson asks – “How does this relate to what’s going on in our universities today?”

8 March 2016

In Conference with Michael Jackson – Zipho Sikhakhane
Zipho Sikhakhane tells her story of entrepreneurship, dedication and self-belief. Find out why this self-made businesswoman in the USA decided to pack up and return home to Africa.

1 March 2016

Prof. Tim Noakes – Truth, Lies, Banting & The Courtroom & Speaker
Prof. Tim Noakes sits down with Michael Jackson for an in-depth discussion about his fascinating career as well as his popular and controversial Banting Diet. We may even get some insight into his current legal battles!

23 February 2016

Peter van Kets – Record-Breaking Adventurer & Speaker
What is the secret to success? World record-breaking adventurer and speaker on the impossible made possible, Peter van Kets, talks about perseverance being the common thread of success.

16 February 2016

Siphiwe Moyo – Organisational Behaviourist
From humble beginnings at train platform 9003 to being a successful Organisational Behaviourist, Siphiwe Moyo is proof that working hard and persevering pays off. What does it take to “make it” in the world we live in today? Lives are not changed by intentions but rather by actions.

09 February 2016

Stef du Plessis – Motivational & Business Speaker
Who gets the kidney? Is 2016 going to be one of our worst years yet? A call to action – Employee Engagement – what is it and how do we understand it? Once we understand it, what are we going to do about it? Motivational and Business Speaker, Stef du Plessis, joins Michael Jackson and gets to the bottom of these questions.

02 February 2016

Saffron Baggallay – Sociologist
Curiosity? Understanding? Desire? What is the true human thread that binds us? Sociologist and professional speaker, Saffron Baggallay, unravels our internal paradox and the understanding thereof. Predictably irrational…

26 January 2016

Rob Caskie – Renowned Storyteller
What happened on 29 Jan 1879? Does history repeat itself? World-renowned storyteller on the true human tales from Rorkes Drift to the Battles of Isandlwana, Rob Caskie, joins Michael Jackson for this discussion.

12 January 2016

Andy Preston – International Sales Speaker
How do you sell more and more often? Top recommended International Sales Speaker, Andy Preston shares with Michael Jackson some modern day sales techniques and motivations that can set you and your company a step ahead of the rest.

29 December 2015

Alex Granger: Human Development Specialist
What is the need for a human development specialist in today’s times? Alex Granger eats, breathes and believes that human development is not only necessary, but it is the fundamental backbone of the future in all areas of work and play. Alex joins Michael Jackson for this fascinating conversation.

22 December 2015

Tony Leon: Political/Economic Commentator & Analyst
You may remember Tony Leon as the longest serving leader of the opposition in Parliament, but what is he up to nowadays? Michael Jackson chats to this leading political and economic commentator and analyst.

01 December 2015

John Sanei – Trendovation
Fun and Factual – What is Trendovation? John Sanei speaks to Michael Jackson about the tools needed to keep business relevant and driving change to remain ever profitable.

01 December 2015

Tracey Foulkes: Productivity
What can we do about the “sick world of work”? Michael is joined by Productivity Specialist Tracey Foulkes who combines the human, technological and environmental aspects of the corporate hamster-wheel and assists with climbing off this ever-churning blackhole and how to avoid burning out.

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24 November 2015

Steven Hall: Producer
How do you allow stories to stand the test of time? Well, someone who has redesigned the niche of videography is Steven Hall of UZI Films and he joins Michael Jackson to answer just this.

17 November 2015

Karin Daymond: Artist
Do you ever go beyond the meaning of the “Picture of Beauty?” Artist Karin Daymond talks to Michael Jackson about the complex emotions within the world of arts and artists. Driven between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide, taking the private cocoon of passion and sharing this with the world.

10 November 2015

Celynn Erasmus: Registered Dietitian
Are you overweight, unhealthy, unenergised? Michael Jackson chats to Celynn Erasmus, a registered dietitian who got tired of only dealing with the already sick people and now instead, travels the world working with businesses and individuals alike on prevention rather than cure.

03 November 2015

Cyrus Rogers: Professional MC
Is a “celebrity” worth their weight as an MC? Cyrus Rogers, also known as ‘the man with the velvet voice’ speaks. From defining the role of what a professional MC is and should be, to the themes, pace and timings. Cyrus tells Michael Jackson how to stay memorable and be the pulse of any event.

27 October 2015

Monique Swart: ABTA
Do you live your life at 30 000+ feet? Monique Swart is the founder of ABTA Corporate Travel. She speaks to Michael Jackson about focusing on the expertise that’s needed around business travel in safety, spending, savings and booking arrangements… the passions, sights and industry as a whole of African Travel.

20 October 2015

Rick Smith: Author
Author Rick Smith speaks to Michael about the world of publishing and writing, and what it takes to get that first book on the shelves or online stores. Rick is an international author and carries his passion with him wherever his travels take him… find out how you too could have your very own thoughts and stories stand the test of time.

13 October 2015

Lynn Baker: World Class Speaking Coach’
Lynn Baker is a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Executive Presence & Business Image Consultant, Professional Speaker and successful business woman. Lynn speaks to Michael about the corporate, business to business world and Executive Presence and what it is that brings the X Factor alive…

06 October 2015

Tessa Niles: Author of ‘Backtrack’
Michael speaks to the author of ‘Backtrack’, Tessa Niles, who is a top professional backing singer having performed with David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner and Pet Shop Boys to name a but a few.

29 September 2015

Martin Brown: Radical Mobility
Can you imagine breaking your neck and then developing a multi-million Rand business? Michael looks at Radical Mobility with Martin Brown. Martin is an award-winning entrepreneur and professional speaker who talks about his emotional journey from being an active paramedic to a quadriplegic in a wheelchair who can only move his neck. His highly successful company makes custom wheelchairs such as the one they made for a boy who asked to “run” with his brothers on the beach and play in the waves.

22 September 2015

Paul McConnon: Unique Speaker Bureau
Paul McConnon from the Unique Speaker Bureau speaks about the conferencing and eventing industry as a whole, as well as the difference between a managing agency and a bureau. Also, a new exciting initiative about an upcoming collaboration with Henley Business School – changing the conferencing industry and giving back.

15 September 2015

Meeshee: Geisha Society
Michael discusses the virtual entertainment industry as a business concierge. Together with his guest Meeshee, Michael investigates Tantricas, FBSM, BDSM, Bondassage and Sugar Babies as well as who their clients are and the morality behind it all. With a worldwide client base, Meeshee provides a one-stop-shop for all your fetishes.

08 September 2015

Nicky Abdinor: Inspirational Speaker & Clinical Psychologist
International professional speaker and registered Clinical Psychologist, Nicky Abdinor whose motto is “Born without arms, not without attitude”, chats with Michael. We hear a true reflection of her life and see that it is testament to the fact that the impossible can become possible.

01 September 2015

Geoff Ramm: Creator of Observational Marketing
Creator of Observational Marketing and renowned worldwide professional speaker, Geoff Ramm, reveals the marketing secrets that will make you forever memorable with his “Celebrity Service”.

25 August 2015

Steph Vermeulen: Author of EQ + IQ
Expert on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Steph Vermeulen, is a well-known author and is considered a Guru of Emotional Intelligence. Steph introduced the concept of EQ to South Africa over two decades ago – it assists and prepares people to manage and maintain their sanity, conquer their fears and focus on making their lives work.

18 August 2015

Shelley Walters: Personality, Persuasion, Presentation
Shelley Walters is a Sales Keynote Speaker and trainer who works with companies to radically increase the relevancy and effectiveness of their sales professionals.

11 August 2015

Howard Dembovsky: Justice Project SA Chairperson
Howard Dembovsky has a reputation for being outspoken with respect to road safety as well as traffic law enforcement issues. His no-nonsense approach and nature has earned him more than his fair share of enemies, as well as a healthy amount of respect and support from others.

04 August 2015

Kate Moodley: Author & Franchise Director
Kate Moodley is the author of I INC: Be the CEO of your Brand and Franchise Director for Discovery Consulting Services and Professional Conference Speaker. She was voted one of the Top 200 South Africans by Mail & Guardian and won top Business Woman and Executive for South Africa. Kate was also awarded CEOs SA’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government for Insurance.

28 July 2015

Ryan Hogarth: International Speaker: Change, Communication & Social Business
Michael Jackson speaks to Ryan Hogarth, Want to gain influence for you and your business? Ryan Hogarth tells you how.

21 July 2015

Mark Colbourne: Paralympic Gold Medallist Champion & International Speaker
Michael Jackson speaks to Mark Colbourne, who shares his inspirational story about his journey from a broken back to breaking world records.

14 July 2015

Miles Kubheka: Entrepreneur, Gastronomist & Professional Speaker

It’s not often that fiction becomes a reality. But in the case of entrepreneur Miles Kubheka, the owner of Vuyo’s, the restaurant inspired by the one in the Hansa Pilsener TV ad, life really has imitated art and he’s laughing all the way to the bank.