This dynamic and motivational keynote presentation encompasses a hands-on view of the future global business world on the road to 2020 and deals, in an entertaining, amusing and interactive manner, with all the resultant pressures and changing dynamics of modern critical business issues.

The Challenge of Change leaves its audience with an accurate assessment of where they will find themselves tomorrow, in business and real life, and outlines exactly how to compete in any marketplace into the foreseeable future.

Designed for businesspeople at all levels across the enterprise, this presentation clearly explains the issues in clear cut and compelling scenarios, and does so in a way which delights business audiences everywhere, with its selected examples of business excellence from to modern successful businesses which clearly highlight the route to future success.

Michael’s skill in presenting, combined with the subtle interplay of personalised messages from the host company, makes for an impactful, memorable and enthralling presentation, and one which has been rated as no less than excellent by over 2 500 audiences to date across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States of America.