In a business world where everything changes constantly and the only certain view of your future is a rapidly changing landscape, this dynamic keynote presentation provides the audience with a new and unique way of looking at their personal journey and to more accurately map and focus their direction.

It delivers a strong and compelling case for adapting modern simple, smart and specialist behaviours in the workplace, which cut through the day to day pressures and confusion.

Designed for businesspeople at all levels across the enterprise and presented in a vibrant, compelling manner it will engage employees and stimulate them to concentrate and perform better in any marketplace.

Michael’s skill in presenting, combined with the subtle interplay of personalised messages from the host company, makes for an impactful, memorable and enthralling keynote presentation. To date he has been rated as no less than excellent as both a presenter and for his content by over 2 500 audiences to date across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States of America.