Let’s start with the concert:

  1. Demand gets created well before the event
  2. People want to go
  3. They know they’re going to be entertained
  4. There’s a keen interest in getting to the front, near the stage
  5. It’s not the usual every day experience
  6. It’s exciting dammit
  7. It’s a must-attend
  8. They’re going to remember it forever
  9. They’ll be talking about it for weeks
  10. They’re even prepared to pay for it

Now; consider your typical company event.

They usually don’t tick any of the above boxes. Most company conferences and events are boring, in-a-box, darkened room, death-by-PowerPoint, sleep-inducing, fill-up-from-the-back-row (so we can sneak out) sessions… and you wonder why people aren’t enthused about them any more!

Delegates are tired, bored and fed up.

We need to Build Better Conferences… In my career of speaking around the world at over 2 700 events to date, I’m often staggered by the lack of ingenuity, thought and preparation that goes into creating company conferences (and with budgets that are amazing!)

Companies today need to engage the services of professionals in terms of staging, presenting and managing events across the board. There’s no excuse not to in terms of engaging, building, inspiring and motivating delegates. Let’s think more like concert planners, and less like conference organizers!