Conferences audiences today need to be stimulated in order to avoid event fatigue. The days of simply ‘piling them into a darkened room and preaching from a raised platform at the front’ are well and truly over. Today, modern conferences which allow for dialogue rather than merely providing old-fashioned monologue cater better to audiences in the 21st century who actually require and prefer to be involved and engaged rather than sitting passively for hours on end. By weaving carefully designed interactive interventions into a conference agenda, a business today can actually generate better interest, excitement, attention and measurable results from every event.

Having spoken at over 2700 conferences across 44 countries global change conference speaker Michael Jackson created and presents a series of appropriate interventions any of which can be woven into an event agenda in order to produce valuable information and outcomes. Leading and delivering any of the following interventions has seen Michael not only achieve excellent ratings from conference organizers and clients around the globe, but from conference delegates themselves. Here’s what he does…

Charting the Road Ahead/60 to 90 minute breakaway

Following a brief explanatory presentation which explains why new business thinking is necessary for change, discover what’s preventing your business from achieving even better results. Michael leads a hand-picked groups breakaway session with your delegates which allows them to determine what they believe needs to be Simplified, Smartened Up and more Specialized inside the company. Then through a lively shared feedback session which follows, this intervention cleverly throws a powerful spotlight on the audience’s real thinking about their real life, day to day, business issues.

CEO for the Day/45 minute breakaway

Identify the key issues inside your business with this innovative intervention designed to allow the true voice of your company to be heard. By placing your audience in hand-picked small groups of anything from 6 to 10 people for 20 minutes, stimulates them to think like the CEO and then via carefully facilitated feedback, accurately takes the temperature of your organisation. Michael’s intervention delivers instant and accurate real research as to the key issues of the day which are on your employees’ minds; providing a safe learning and discussion platform of significant value.

Plotting the Change Curve/45 minute breakaway

After an opening brief presentation detailing how the process of change always runs through an incredibly detailed curve of downward negativity before an eventual upswing of positivity, the delegates are broken into groups and tasked with developing the answers to three significant change-orientated questions about their real-life view of business. Where are we now on the change curve? What’s happened so far around the process of our change? What’s stopping us from realising the change? Having done so, and reassembled for a lively shared feedback session, this intervention uncovers the audience’s real thinking about the changes currently being faced inside the company.

 Titanic Thinking/30 – 45 minute ice-breaker

By challenging conventional wisdom and stereotypical thinking; this engaging fun-filled group intervention runs in the plenary room, taking the delegates on a Titanic journey of discovery, which reveals itself on conclusion to have completely challenged and changed everything that people take for granted. It’s an “AHA” experience and one that will lighten the mood whilst providing some subtle food for thought around behavioural change and diversity.

Creating the Company Timeline/30 minute ice-breaker

The best stories of the company usually come from the people inside the organisation and this intervention is designed to stimulate conversation. Michael will work with you to develop your own company’s timeline for your event based around the delegates in the room, from the longest serving employees to the most recent. By inviting each forward on to the stage (without their prior knowledge) to each chat about their milestones and memorable moments live – this interview-styled intervention generates incredible value and interest; not only showing the company at its most ‘human’ but showing an interesting and engaging people-centric history of the company.