Migrate data from previous source code management systems with confidence, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum value. We offer dedicated program manager services providing dedicated engineers for three set durations, 3, 6 and 12 months. During these engagements a PS Engineer will work with you full time, focusing on building solutions to business problems using GitLab. Please see the below engagement SOWs for pricing and specific activities for this engagement.

With our GitLab consulting services, you will receive a full range of services designed for you and meet your requirements. Our approach involved implementing an on-premise Keycloak managed service, securing all communication channels using modern standards, and leveraging Keycloak extensions for seamless integration. We offer specialized training for various DevOps lifecycle stages and effective GitLab usage, ensuring your team is well equipped to manage the GitLab platform. We ensure GitLab integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and corporate policies, creating a unified and efficient workflow. With our fully managed GitLab services, we ensure your GitLab instance is up and running round the clock.

Ready to optimize your DevOps processes and maximize your GitLab investment?

GitLab is an all-inclusive web-based platform that caters to the entire software development lifecycle. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including version control, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), and project management. However, GitLab sets itself apart by incorporating advanced CI/CD pipelines, automating various tasks like building, testing, and deploying applications. It also provides tools for issue tracking, Kanban boards, and code review, facilitating collaboration and project organization.

  • Whether you are a large enterprise, smaller business or government entity, find the right GitLab Partner that understands your unique business and devops needs.
  • Our services are fully tailored to meet your specific needs, considering your current DevOps state, the specific goals you aim to achieve, and your organizational structure.
  • Benefit from a seamless DevSecOps transformation that integrates security from inception to deployment.
  • Let’s evaluate your deployment architecture to provide recommendations on how to optimize for performance, stability, and availability.

Our Gitlab implementation services help you quickly implement your GitLab solution and enable your organization to take advantage of your GitLab purchase quickly. Our engineers aid in installing and configuring your GitLab solution so that it runs as smoothly as possible. Cloudfresh expert will be dedicated to working with your team to architect and advise on best practices for getting the most value from your GitLab purchase. Our professional service team has years of experience deploying, scaling, and securing GitLab installations for customers.

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The GitLab Professional Services Partner certification enables them to differentiate with unique service offerings and drive greater adoption of the GitLab platform. Additionally, GitLab Certified Training Partners are able to deliver GitLab or custom training to help customers develop greater expertise in their use of GitLab. The GitLab platform provides an opportunity to transform the way your business operates. But transitioning from your legacy way of working to a more efficient and effective value stream can be challenging. Engage with our GitLab consulting experts to solve specific challenges or keep a GitLab Expert on retainer to help guide you on your journey.

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The DevOps Platform that brings teams together in one application and empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development. Get a 30-day free trial for the GitLab self-managed licenses, and launch your successful DevOps transformation now. Yes, we offer ongoing support and managed services to ensure you continue to get the most out of your GitLab platform. Our consulting https://polit.spb.ru/svyaz-s-nami/ services offer tailored solutions to optimize your workflow, leveraging the GitLab platform to its fullest potential. Leverage the DevOps platform, designed for enterprise requirements, to optimize your software development and delivery process. Our proficiency in creating efficient and effective tool environments optimizes your DevOps lifecycle and accelerates your software delivery process.

Planning for Ongoing Scaling of GitLab Instance

We guide you on how to streamline management of various infrastructures with GitLab. Leverage the skills and experience of GitLab professionals who deeply understand the DevOps platform. Modernize your system to streamline inspections, better resource monitoring, visualize data, and reduce operational costs. Our full range of GitLab services and capabilities to help you make the most of your GitLab deployment.

gitlab implementation consultant

GitLab is a complete solution that covers all DevOps lifecycle stages and effectively collaborates with your teammates while working on code. Self-learning the functionality can be time-consuming, so we suggest you take a training session with Cloudfresh experts. With us, you will learn all the necessary information about the functionality and configuration of a particular GitLab service and save time for faster system deployment.

Building a full Gitlab Solution requires more than just Gitlab Knowledge

These tools provide numerous commands and functionalities to manage repositories, branches, commits, and more. Boost your security posture with Adaptavist’s DevSecOps solutions, in collaboration with GitLab. Our team of DevSecOps experts will help you embed security throughout your software development lifecycle, fostering a security-first culture for your applications. As a GitLab Select, and Professional Services partner, Adaptavist’s mission is to deliver end-to-end DevOps services and solutions to help you build and implement continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) systems. We achieve this with the latest industry-proven techniques that allow you to maximise the benefits of your IT investment.

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But making that transition from your legacy way of working to a more efficient and effective value stream can be challenging. Engage with GitLab experts to solve specific challenges or keep a GitLab Expert on retainer to help guide you on your journey. Since the beginning, we’ve been firm believers in remote work, open source, DevSecOps, and iteration.