See the Instructions for Form 4562 for more information on preparing the form. As specified for residential rental property, Eileen must use the straight line method of depreciation over the GDS or ADS recovery period. You don’t have to divide the expenses that belong only to the rental part of your property.

Is foreign rental income taxable in the US?

Yes, you must report foreign properties on your U.S. tax return just like you would report any owned U.S. property.

For example, if you had an architect draw up plans for remodeling your property, the architect’s fee is a part of the cost of the remodeling. Or, if you had your lot surveyed to put up a fence, the cost of the survey is a part of the cost of the fence. Continue to use the same method of figuring depreciation that you used in the past. If the appliance had been installed and ready for use when it was delivered in December of last year, it would have been considered placed in service in December, even if it wasn’t actually used until this year. You can depreciate your property if it meets all the following requirements.

Depreciation of Rental Property

When you refinance a rental property for more than the previous outstanding balance, the portion of the interest allocable to loan proceeds not related to rental use generally can’t be deducted as a rental expense. For information on how to figure and report any gain Total Revenue For Real Estate And Rental And Leasing, Establishments Subject To Federal Income Tax or loss from the sale, exchange, or other disposition of your rental property, see Pub. Chapter 3 covers the reporting of your rental income and deductions, including casualties and thefts, limitations on losses, and claiming the correct amount of depreciation.

You stop depreciating property when you retire it from service, even if you haven’t fully recovered its cost or other basis. You retire property from service when you permanently withdraw it from use in a trade or business or from use in the production of income because of any of the following events. Generally, if you pay rent for property, you can’t depreciate that property. However, if you make permanent improvements to leased property, you may be able to depreciate the improvements. See Additions or improvements to property, later in this chapter, under Recovery Periods Under GDS. If you use accelerated depreciation, you may be subject to the AMT.

Publication 527 – Additional Material

In general, the YTM is the discount rate that, when used in computing the present value of all principal and interest payments, produces an amount equal to the principal amount of the loan. If you use an accrual method, report income when you earn it. If you are unable to collect the rent, you may be able to deduct it as a business bad debt.



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Your neighbors live in the house and pay you a fair rental price. Your beach cottage was available for rent from June 1 through August 31 (92 days). Except for the first week in August (7 days), when you were unable to find a renter, you rented the cottage at a fair rental price during that time. The person who rented the cottage for July allowed you to use it over the weekend (2 days) without any reduction in or refund of rent. Your family also used the cottage during the last 2 weeks of May (14 days). The cottage wasn’t used at all before May 17 or after August 31.

Worksheet 5-1. Worksheet for Figuring Rental Deductions for a Dwelling Unit Used as a Home

If you buy real property and agree to pay real estate taxes on it that were owed by the seller and the seller doesn’t reimburse you, the taxes you pay are treated as part of your basis in the property. There are plenty of advantages to owning rental property, and tax deductions and benefits you receive are seen as one of the biggest. Tax law in the U.S. is extremely friendly to real estate investors, which is one of the reasons why so many people today are investing in rental real estate. In fact, any rental property owner, including you, can own investment property that generates solid cash flow every month while reporting a loss on your tax return.

Total Revenue For Real Estate And Rental And Leasing, Establishments Subject To Federal Income Tax