2022 saw the cyber security skills gap increase by 26% compared to 2021, a shortage of 3.4 million cyber security experts. The increased skills gap can be explained by a supply and demand issue, with more businesses realising the importance of cyber security in this https://remotemode.net/ tech-driven era. Another problem against the backdrop of the cyber security talent shortage is that in the era of remote working, corporate data can be accessed more easily via file-sharing services and cloud services – exposing companies to even more risks.

What is IT like to be a security specialist?

A security specialist's job description includes analyzing computer security vulnerabilities, reporting findings, and implementing new security measures. Career security specialists work closely with other technology personnel like IT support specialists and network administrators.

You may need to work as part of a 24/7 call-out rota, to allow for quick responses to cyber security incidents. Job titles vary and may include information security analyst, security analyst, information security consultant, security operations centre (SOC) analyst https://remotemode.net/become-a-security-specialist/ and cyber intelligence analyst. You’ll also monitor networks and systems, detect security threats (‘events’), analyse and assess alarms, and report on threats, intrusion attempts and false alarms, either resolving them or escalating them, depending on the severity.

Lecture 18 – Domain 1 – Security and Risk Management Domain – part 3

Alternatively, you could undertake an apprenticeship in cyber security, where you combine employment and study to work towards a recognised qualification. Tech Partnership Degrees, for example, accredits the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship, some of which have a cyber security analyst specialism. You’ll usually receive a range of employee benefits that may include a bonus, company pension scheme, private medical insurance, gym membership, and sponsored training and development opportunities. Opportunities for career progression are plentiful, especially in larger organisations where there are established pathways to senior technology positions.

what is a security specialist

Contact our IT Infrastructure Recruitment team today to learn more about our specialist cyber security recruitment services. You could also offer upskilling support to your existing talent with the transferable skills who have the desire to transition into a cyber security role. Additionally, you should consider providing these training solutions to graduates, who may not necessarily have the experience but have the potential to be a key contributors to your cyber security team. Additionally, providing upskilling opportunities is an excellent way of retaining talent, as your employees will appreciate the investment you have put into their development. This position requires an experienced Security Specialist to provide a comprehensive security service within an organisation.

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Cybersecurity certifications are worth the effort if you use them as a supplement to other qualifications on your resume. Only having certifications on a resume is an indication to employers that your knowledge is not based on experience. Uplatz provides this career path program on IT Security covering all aspects of application, network, data, and cloud security.

  • Other organisations you can join as a student include the Chartered Institute of Information Security.
  • Uplatz online training guarantees the participants to successfully go through the  IT Security Specialist Certification provided by Uplatz.
  • If you’re considering relocating, we’re happy to discuss a relocation package to support you.
  • Along with this, they will also work with the latest tools that are available to them.

Short-term contract work is possible, particularly through recruitment agencies or if you work on a self-employed basis as a consultant.

Certified Cyber & Information Security Specialist 1

IT security experts are constantly seeking for new ways to remain one step ahead of cyber-attackers, which is why they need to stay up to date on the newest tactics thieves use to access computer networks and systems. Cyber security professionals are also the ones that choose the most efficient security solutions for the company’s data. The purpose of a Security Specialist is to assess security risks, develop and implement security strategies, and monitor compliance with security policies. They work to protect an organisation’s data, systems, and physical infrastructure from cyber-attacks, malicious actors, and other security threats.

What do you need to be a security expert?

  • In-depth knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware and software.
  • First-class problem-solving skills.
  • A strong ability to work well under pressure.
  • Solid telecommunications knowledge.
  • Rigorous attention to detail.
  • persistence and determination.

Hiring People are the UK’s leading online flat fee recruitment company and help organisations by providing heavily discounted job advertising packages and fixed fee recruitment services. We work with the leading job boards across the UK and support all industries and any position. A Security Specialist is responsible for safeguarding an organisation’s physical and digital assets. They ensure that an organisation’s security policies are up to date and that systems are secure from external threats. Security Specialists often monitor networks to detect suspicious activity and investigate potential incidents. For example, if hackers use interfaces to manipulate a networked car and can thus remotely control brakes and steering, this is a serious safety problem that affects the general public.

professionalism in security

We pride ourselves in providing expert, pragmatic, and cost effective Security Consultancy services. Watch our video to understand the services that we provide and how we can help you to improve your Cyber Security and protect your business. We pride ourselves in providing expert, pragmatic and cost effective Security Consultancy services. The IT Security Specialist Career Path is for graduates and other IT professionals who wish to obtain additional qualifications and broaden their skill set in Information Assurance, Networking, and Cyber Security. You will have learned the requisite skills and a full grasp of fundamental hardware installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, topology support, networking, and information security setup and analysis after finishing this programme. Whilst the location/work-base for this role has been specified our evolving ways of working means that the role may require you to also work remotely (e.g. from home/other locations).

  • Opportunities for career progression are plentiful, especially in larger organisations where there are established pathways to senior technology positions.
  • To unleash your full potential, we offer flexible zero core hours that allow you to work when it suits you best while still being available for collaboration with the team.
  • At Amoria Bond, we are constantly searching the market for experienced cyber security experts to ensure we have the talent available as and when you need them.
  • After building up several years of experience you could progress into roles such as senior cyber security analyst or consultant.

To write a job description, we recommend starting with a job description template from our job description library, which contains examples for 800+ positions and professions. Our job description examples include a job summary with duties and responsibilities and skills and requirements, which can be personalised for your job vacancy. Specialists in cyber security are among the most sought-after professionals in the tech sector. Cyber security is fast becoming one of the most important roles in the tech sector as cyber criminals and hackers become ever more sophisticated. We’re committed to raising awareness around the risks to information systems, and identifying both technical and non-technical methods for increasing levels of security.

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