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How Do We Break The Patterns That Shape Behaviours?

Fully personalized to suit your business, this definitive guide to presenting in the new world of successful engagement through innovation allows businesspeople to re-discover the critical priorities through which they can compete and win. How? By eradicating the habits that become everyday behaviours.

As we compete in a business world where change is constant and people tend to see always change in the negative, the perception of change needs to be re- learned as that which delivers gain, positivity, and business evolution.

Michael has designed and can include several compelling and robust positionings with which to target businesspeople across all enterprise levels. In promoting learning to differentiate and innovate, Michael’s materials focus purposely on the business enterprise, and he delivers outstanding, impactful, and memorable presentations, ensuring his audiences not only think but react positively too.

Presented in a robust and compelling manner, ‘Business as Unusual’ reveals how to achieve a valid purpose, culture and meaning from what people love doing, what they need to market, what they get paid for and what they are good at.

Michael’s presentations offer the perfect business ingredients required to achieve appropriate innovation, enabling businesspeople to perform with a better sense of direction.