How Do We Break The Patterns That Shape Behaviours?

The definitive guide to presenting the new world of successful engagement through innovation in a manner which allows business people to re-discover the necessary priorities through which they can not only compete – but win, by eliminating the habits and norms that have become everyday behaviours.

We compete in a business world today where everything changes constantly, and whilst people tend to see change as some form of loss or difficulty, it needs instead to be understood as delivering gain and positivity, and act ed on accordingly.

Designed for business people across all levels of the enterprise, Michael unpacks a strong and compelling brand new mind-set for business and helps people at all levels learn to differentiate and innovate their future, as he delivers an outstanding, impactful and memorable presentation that makes his audiences not only think… but react.

Presented in a strong, compelling manner Business as Unusual starts with how true leaders have realised how and why typical business routines and habits hold them back, and Michael reveals how to hit the sweet spot of achieving true purpose, culture and meaning from what people love doing, what they need to market, what they get paid for and what they are good at.

This presentation presents the perfect business recipe ingredients required to prepare for appropriate innovation, enabling business people to perform with a better sense of direction, purpose and passion.

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