Retail shopping is dead!

Retail shopping is dead in the water The writing is clearly on the wall. Watching my 78 year old mother the other day proudly ordering her new router online, having it delivered, and self-installing it the next morning (as the ‘old’ one had a faulty on/off switch) has now fully convinced me of that. It’s […]

See global speakers showcase; London, Sep 24th

Just over a week to go to the first London showcase by Unique Speaker Bureau. If you’re in the UK & into events and booking speakers… we want you to come and watch this outstanding event! Book your free seat, and don’t miss this! Simply go to and click on the events tab. The line-up […]

How do you brush your teeth?

What’s holding you back from personal development and achieving more? It’s simple. Your routine. The sequence of events you regularly practice – slavishly, without even thinking, day after day after day – are keeping you back from potential growth. From your morning daily ritual of brushing your teeth, to the order in which you get […]

What I’ve learned after 2 700 conferences

Over the last 15 years I’ve been privileged to present at over 2 700 business conferences in 43 countries around the world as a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies and a facilitator. I’ve seen just about everything there is to see at events – the good, the bad and the very ugly; and I’ve worked with […]

Conference delegates can actually speak!

Conferences audiences today need to be stimulated in order to avoid event fatigue. The days of simply ‘piling them into a darkened room and preaching from a raised platform at the front’ are well and truly over. Today, modern conferences which allow for dialogue rather than merely providing old-fashioned monologue cater better to audiences in […]

Why conferences ain’t like concerts (sadly)

Let’s start with the concert: Demand gets created well before the event People want to go They know they’re going to be entertained There’s a keen interest in getting to the front, near the stage It’s not the usual every day experience It’s exciting dammit It’s a must-attend They’re going to remember it forever They’ll […]

Best way to book a speaker?

I was recently approached at a speaker bureau showcase breakfast by a potential client who furtively whispered, after watching me on stage, ‘can I book you directly?’ I replied in the affirmative, but then she looked surprised when I followed up with ‘but it’s the same price if you book me direct as it is […]

Why most conferences are boring?

It’s simple to understand. We need to look at where the origins of the event industry emerged from; and strangely the answer lies in religion and all from around the mid-1800’s. Let’s look back at business first. Think late 1700’s and the origins of work as the Industrial Revolution began. Prior to this time there […]

Think & work differently in 2018

We’re used to hearing that the pace of change is far greater today in a business sense than it ever has been before; but what exactly does that mean and how do we cope better? According to the Boston Consulting Group; business today is now some twenty five to forty times more complicated than it […]