Becoming a Better Presenter...

More and more executives are being called on to deliver presentations on-stage, online and on video. Learn to present a professionally structured message with impact with one of the most successful global experts on the conference stage.


The workshop will provide you with the theory, techniques and activities that are required in order to prepare, create and deliver appropriate, relevant and meaningful business presentations to any audience.


1. Watch, deconstruct and under stand the hidden content of a professional presentation

2. Learn to prepare content and materials that work properly

3. Become comfortable with your own material and presentation style

4. Understand the nature of any event

5. Know how to control the room and environment

6. Gain the ability to read and work every audience

7. Determine what a speaker is… and isn’t

8. Be taught when and how to use PowerPoint and other aids

9. Master timing skills

10. Benefit from expert tips and guidelines

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