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How Do You Map The Future?

By putting businesspeople firmly back in the driver’s seat, this definitive map presents and unpacks the new world of innovative business. We are all competing in an ever-changing business world today where the only sure view of the future is a rapidly changing and shifting landscape. This, naturally, requires a new business approach. Michael develops a personalized approach for this and your businesspeople across all levels of the enterprise.


Michael delivers a personalized, outstanding, impactful and memorable presentation that makes his audiences not only think… but react, revealing how best to simplify, smarten up and become more specialist across any turbulent landscape. In clearly defining the differences between importance and urgency, this presentation highlights the need to avoid routine, ‘break china’, take nothing for granted and drive forward, whilst forcing complex issues onto the table and dealing with them appropriately, enabling your businesspeople to manage their lives better with an appropriate sense of balance, direction, purpose and meaning.