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Generate Interest, Excitement and Participati on with Personali sed Additions to your Agenda



Filming and editing the presentations for short, digestible clips to share on social media generates interest post the event. Michael can interview each presenter to create bite-sized social clips highlighting their main content points to give delegates and any other audiences, a taste of the best insights shared.



Use the audio from these interviews to create a podcast led by Michael that your audience can listen to at their convenience. This provides a convenient and engaging way for your audience to get even greater value from your speakers.



Turn the presentations you’ve filmed into on demand webinars with Michael that your audience can access anytime. This will give them a chance to dive deeper into the insights shared by the speakers and re-engage with the content at their own pace.



You can also turn your presenters’ insights into informative infographics to be shared on social media or included in marketing posts. This makes the content more visually engaging and valuable, helping extend your event’s reach even further


Additional Agenda Items to Consider Building Into Your Event

In today’s fast-paced world, providing conference experiences that go beyond powerful keynotes to captivate and energise audiences is essential. The traditional event model no longer resonates with modern audiences who crave more interaction and participation. By incorporating well-designed and thought-provoking interventions into the agenda, events generate greater audience interest, excitement, attention, and measurable results. Michael offers a series of personalised interventions in addition to his keynotes that do just this. This innovative approach to conferencing has earned him high praise from conference organisers, clients, and delegates alike. Whilst he builds and personalises interactive materials to suit the audience, company and event goals, among his most engaging content, ask him about:


Charting Your
Road Ahead

60-90 minute breakaway

Following any keynote address, Michael can facilitate small, focused groups of delegates in a collaborative exercise designed to identify areas for simplification, optimisation, and specialisation within your business. This dynamic session sparks lively discussions, provides valuable insights into the audience’s thoughts and opinions, and shines a research spotlight on the company’s pulse. The result is a highly engaging and impactful experience that offers actionable insights to help drive success


Becoming CEO for the Day

45 minute breakaway

This unique intervention allows hand-picked groups of delegates to discuss and give feedback on what they believe if they were the CEO, would be the top five actions they would take for the business. This fun but novel approach provides a safe space for delivering actual research on the burning issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner, allowing Michael to draw out valuable information in a non-threatening way.


Plotting Your Company’s Change Curve

45 minute breakaway

During this session, Michael engages delegates in a thought-provoking exercise to evaluate the effectiveness of their company in driving change and determines the delegates’ position on a predetermined Change Curve. Whether working individually or in small groups, this interactive exercise sparks lively discussions and offers valuable insights into the company’s ability to adapt and evolve. The outcome provides an objective overview and develops a personal roadmap for continuous improvement and success.


Coaching Presentation Skills

With executives getting called on more frequently to deliver presentations on stage and online, they must learn how to master developing and presenting content professionally. Michael offers a Skills Masterclass and coaches individuals or small groups to comfortably create and deliver better content and structured messages with impact

Corporate Presentation

Skills Masterclass

The workshop provides you with theory, techniques and activitites that are required in order to create, prepare and deliver appropriate relevant and meaningful business presentations to any audience.

During the Masterclass You Will Learn How to

Deconstruct and understand the hidden content of a professional presentation.

Read and work every audience.

Prepare content that works effectively

Determine what a speaker is and isn’t.

Become comfortable with your own material and personal presentation style.

When and how to use Powerpoint and other technological and visual aids.

Understand the nature of any event.

Master timing skills.

Control the room and the environment.

Benefit from expert tips and guidelines.

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